Latest Aadhar Card Enquiry Phone Number

Do want to know the Aadhar Card Enquiry Phone Number or email?

Then you are at the right place. we will tell you that and things you should do while contacting Aadhar Card Enquiry Office.

Applying for an Aadhar card is an easy process after the UPA Government has made it easy and their execution has become extremely clear.

Aadhar Card Enquiry Phone Number

First, we are going to reveal the number of ways you can contact the UIDAI customer care.

  • UIDAI – Aadhar Card Customer Care Number: 1800-300-1947

Availability: 24/7.

  • UIDAI – Aadhar Card Customer Care Email ID:

Availability: 24/7.

You can use these contact Number and Email address to communicate with the official customer care team. You may not get an instant response from them via email, but you will get the support within 24-hours of the period.

*1 How to Contact Customer Care for Aadhar Card Enquiry?

It may not seem much but when you are not prepared to even one simple call can turn into five calls plus a little frustration in the bonus account. So, you must know what you need and how to approach to make things easier and simpler.

  • You can use any service provider number to call the Toll-Free number 1800-300-1947
  • You have to wait for a little and you will be answered by the customer representative, you must keep the Enrolment receipt ready because every information asked by the more representative will be present in the receipt.
  • The representative will ask you for the Enrolment number to pull your information from the database.
  • The customer care one stop place, where you can find all your queries about Status, How-to question and more. Ensure you are noting down the Ticket Numbers to keep track of your issues.
  • The Representative will provide you information on whether your Aadhar card has been dispatched by the officials or not.

*2 How to Contact Email Support for Aadhar Card Enquiry?

Sending a simple email is what most of the users do and which is why it takes days for the customer service to recognize problems and causes delays.

  • Make sure to add information like Enrolment number.
  • Problem or Query like Status check and more.


Describe your problem correctly and provide every information to help them understand your issue faster.

*3 Send a Text to the Aadhar Card Messaging Service

We won’t deny the fact that you may have to face a problem like Waiting in line when you call the Customer care and Email service. If you have the patience and time, then you can proceed with the first two options. Or else, you have Messaging service, which helps you faster.

  • Create a Message.

Send a Text to the Aadhar Card Messaging Service - 1

  • Now type “UID Status <Space> 14-digit enrolment number”, then

Send a Text to the Aadhar Card Messaging Service - 2

  • It should look something like in the snapshot.

Send a Text to the Aadhar Card Messaging Service - 3

  • You have to send it to the “51969“, which is a chargeable number.

Send a Text to the Aadhar Card Messaging Service - 4

  • In next few minutes, you will receive a message regarding the status.


Everything takes time, but you must have the patience to do it. Customer care is worth taking your time and call them for any queries. Shoot your experience and opinions in the comment section below.

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